About Me

 Welcome to Sista's Love Fitness!

My weight loss story is like so many others that struggle with weight. I am now almost 200 pounds down and I still struggle with my weight every day. I think my weight loss is more mental than physical. I have been overweight all my life. I really got heavy around 10 years old. I didn’t have a happy childhood. I also suffer from a lot of tragedies. I started to suffer in private from depression. At 10 years old, I tried to take my life. Along with my unhealthy home life, I was also bulled in school. I had no one to talk to or help me. I became very antisocial at a young age. I always stayed in my room reading, drawing, listen to music, working on computers, and also eating. Eating was the only thing that made the loneliness and depression go away for a little.

As I became an adult nothing changed with my weight. At 22 I was at 359, at my college graduation. After college I had my daughter, I had a beautiful reason now, to change my life. I’ve been on a million diets. So, I ask my doctors for help. To make this story short a little shorter, even medical invention didn’t work. I lost and I would gain double the weight back. At 23 I lose 75 pound on my own and gain double back. That made me even more depressed.

In 2012, my health started to fade fast at only 26. My health was so bad, I had to stop working. With a college education, I couldn’t even work to take care of my family. In December 2016, I was in the hospital. I had a very bad asthma mixed with a severe pain attack. I thought I was dying. I never have been scared of death or dying. I was scared because all could do is think about my children. If I died who would take care of them? Who would give them kisses and hugs? Who will ease their pain when they get hurt or sick? Who will play with them and show them how to be “loving human-being in this world?

My children are my life. I gave them life, but I also believe that they given me a new life. They are the reason I live. And I’m not willing to let an unhealthily lifestyle take me from my children. That day on Christmas in the hospital, I prayed as hard as I could. “Lord please heal me; help me to be health mind, body and spirit. I want to live; I want to live long life. I want to use my life experiences and pain to help others. To live, so I can be on this earth with my children and help other who are in pain.

Call it a “Christmas Miracle” but I felt that strength, self motivation, hope and faith. I went to my doctors every month. I researched and read books on nutrition and weight loss. That day in the hospital in 2016 my weight was 190. Today I’m 150, with 20 more to go. 130 is a good weight for me, I’m very short. Now my asthmas is under control and also my other medical conditions with help from my wonderful doctors. My Therapist has been my biggest help. I had to have a healthy mind, before I could have a healthy body.

Today, it is still hard keeping the weight off. When I feel anxiety, in pain, raising 3 children, bad day at work, and I want to eat. But with my faith I keep going. Keep pushing for my children and my passion to help others. So others don’t have to feel pain, waste money, or feel like they are not able to be happy and healthy.

I created “Sistas Love Fitness” actually because of a post on social media, (which I stay away from most of the time). The post said “black women don’t workout “with a picture. I wasn’t mad, I didn’t understand why a black man would say that. I love everyone, so I never think in terms of race or gender. Loving all is a greatest power that I’ve learn in my 32 years. When people make those comments, I know they want attention. People who try to make other feel bad don’t know love. Real love has no color or gender, that why it’s powerful.

But like I always do. I did my research and discover that it maybe a little tiny truth to it. I’m not taking up for someone who creates negativity in the world. In my research I found that “Black women have higher rates of many illnesses, such as hypertension, breast cancer at young ages, diabetes, stroke, and lupus. There needs to be a better understanding of the causes of these illnesses and determinants of good health. Since 1995, the Black Women’s Health Study (BWHS) has recognized that need and has continued working to answer these questions” According to https://www.bu.edu/bwhs/”. All of those illnesses are in my family. Also I researched that a lot of “Black Women Do Workout”. There are many black women that are athletes, dancers, fitness trainers, and more. I think we just need to be more educated on health and wellness in our community. Like what Michelle Obama accomplished.

Now I’m losing weight the right way. All natural, no weight loss pills, no surgeries, or weight loss medications at all. I love learning about the body and learning about living a health lifestyle. I learned how to take care of the mind and spirit. In the past 2 months I lost almost 30 pounds, all natural. I look and feel the best in my life. I want to make a difference in life. I want to help people stop wasting their money and time. This is an important time now. Our women are dying fast and at a young age. I want to help stop the self-hate and start loving ourselves as “phenomenal women”. We can make a difference. Together we can do anything as” Sistas”.