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Boutique Boxing

These days, your workout routine might not involve a big box gym. And if you’re up on the latest fitness trends, it might look a little something like this: sled pushes and battle ropes before work, mindfulness meditation during your lunch break, and a cryotherapy appointment before dinner. Because when it comes to wellness, it’s more than just a routine; it’s a lifestyle. And the numbers say it all: According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness industry is a $3.7 trillion business. It grew 10.6 percent from 2013 to 2015, and is expected to grow 17 percent in the next five years.

But it’s not just the feel-good effects of exercise that keep us coming back for more. It’s also the appeal of training and living like an athlete. Pete McCall, MS, CSCS, former exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise and director of fitness programming for Vicore Fitness, says, “More people want the athlete experience and that’s why we’ll continue to see athletic-based training workouts.”

That’s right, people aren’t just interested in working out like LeBron James. They want to eat and recover like him, too. So if you, too, want to train like athlete, check out our list of the biggest fitness trends for 2018.

Boutique Boxing

Muhammad Ali fans aren’t the only ones hopping in the ring to train “Thrilla in Manila” style these days. Celebs, models and everyday athletes are shuffling into new studios like Rumble, Everybody Fights and Box Union in impressive numbers. And when people can’t hit a bag, they can do it at home with programs like Daily Burn’s Undefeated kickboxing program. One reason boxing is the knock-out workout of the year? Sandy Todd Webster, editor in chief of the IDEA Fitness Journal, says, “We’re all living with an incredible amount of stress in our lives and hitting a bag or throwing forceful air punches using the torque of our whole bodies is an amazing release!”

And since most boxing studios offer the experience of training like a true boxer with strength training and conditioning components in each class, you get the performance benefits, too. Rick Richey, MS, LMT, NASM-certified trainer, says, “Exercise can seem boring when only focusing on physiological outcomes, but sports conditioning classes provide us with performance-based outcomes that make the exercises more engaging and fun.”

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